10 Amazing UX Research Tools in 2023

Are you struggling to find the right tools to conduct user research for your UX design projects? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But fear not!  
Today’s design industry is full of new UX research tools and features, and it’s important to choose wisely when you invest in them. Utilizing these tools can streamline your work process, increase efficiency, and even automate certain tasks, saving you valuable time. Ready to elevate your UX research game? Check out our latest blog post featuring the top tools available in the market today.  

"Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success."

-Tim Brown

User Recruitment Tool


  • Ethnio is a research tool that helps product teams and researchers to embed studies into their websites or native apps.
  • It enables the addition of small surveys and scheduling of interviews, payment of incentives, and tracking of research activities.
  • Ethnio also allows worldwide recruiting without any recruitment turnaround time since it recruits from the users of the website or app.

User Testing


  • Sprig is a design tool that’s gaining popularity.
  • It has a widget that lets you choose specific users during important moments in your product and conduct research instantly within your app.
  • You can do things like short surveys, test ideas, and have interviews with users at different times.

Survey tool

Survey Monkey

  • SurveyMonkey is a tool for making surveys for research.
  • The free version lets you create surveys and send them to people you choose.
  • But, SurveyMonkey has some advanced features like finding people to take your survey, collecting NPS scores, and even accepting job applications.

A/B Testing Tool


  • Optimizely is a testing tool that lets you create advanced A/B tests.
  • You can test many pages and variables, and it has features for testing live websites or specific features as your development team works on them.
  • It’s useful for ensuring your website or app is the best it can be for your users.

Heatmapping Tool


  • Hotjar is a tool that makes it simple to see what your website users are doing.
  • It creates visual tools like heatmaps, recordings of user sessions, and surveys to show you how users move through your site.
  • It also has features like feedback polls and research recruiting to help you learn more about what your users want.

Analytics Tool

Heap Analytics

  • Heap Analytics is a tool that gathers data as users visit your website and stores it for you to analyze.
  • It creates user profiles by combining data from the same person, even if they use different email addresses.
  • This helps you get a complete picture of how users interact with your site, but it relies on some assumptions about cookies and other technical stuff.

Research Ops and Insights


  • Notion is a simple project management tool for teams to collaborate on notes, spreadsheets, and projects.
  • It has a mobile app and a knowledge base feature.
  • You can use it to make a task list, spreadsheet for participant data, take session notes, and share insights with your team.

User Interviews Tool 

Look Back

  • Lookback is a tool that makes remote user testing and interviews easier and more insightful.
  • It records everything and provides tools for unmoderated testing and collaborative analysis.
  • It’s useful for gaining insights on how users interact with your product.

Card Sorting Tool

Optimal Workshop

  • Optimal Workshop’s main product is OptimalSort, which is a tool for card sorting.
  • It has different ways of showing the results of your data.
  • OptimalSort lets you do open, closed, and hybrid card sorts, and also has other features like tree testing, first click testing, surveys, and note-taking.
  • It’s a useful tool for understanding how users organize and think about your content.

Scheduling Tool


  • Doodle is a tool for scheduling meetings without difficulty.
  • It allows team members to choose from multiple options for meeting times.
  • It’s good for setting up one-on-one or group meetings and can be useful for coordinating focus groups in user research.

Final Thoughts

As a UI/UX design company, Kavinu Designs understands the importance of using the right UX research tools to deliver
exceptional user experiences. The top 10 Amazing UX research tools we’ve highlighted in this article are great for improving
research efficiency, saving time, and automating tasks.

From user recruitment to scheduling, and everything in between, these tools offer valuable insights that help designers create
more user-centric designs.

You can also check out the comprehensive guide on UX research, which is divided into three parts:

Part – 1 Introduction to UX Research
Part – 2 Conducting UX Research
Part – 3 Applying UX Research

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