Dive into the cool stuff of your product with a design audit!

Let's upgrade your website/app! We spot the glitches and amp up the experience for you.

Supercharging Design: Let's Check Your Product with a Design Audit Service!

A design audit isn’t just about looksit’s about how every part of your design affects the user experience. We check for issues that might bug your users or slow down conversions. At Kavinu, our website design audit service enhances user experience and boosts conversions by fixing usability issues. We focus on what users want, making it easier for them to achieve their goals. Our insights are validated through usability testing. 

Why You Should Choose our Design Audit Service?

Our Design audit service offers an impartial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your website/app, providing actionable design guidance.

Boost User Retention

Comprehend current and future customer needs, goals, and behavior.

Swift Solutions

Implement practical solutions backed by real evidence to support business goals.

Business Impact

Enhance conversions, engagement, and ROI.

Impartial Evaluation

Detect problems without bias and receive objective solution recommendations 

What's our deal?

We meticulously review your website and app, aligning with goals and usability standards. Our audit identifies fixes and suggests improvements. Dive deep into your design’s performance, appearance, and brand consistency with our website design audit. 

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing design or create a new one, our design audit service can help you achieve your goals and deliver an exceptional user experience. 

How Do We Conduct a Design Audit?

Grasp the Objectives

Our UX/UI experts collaborate with stakeholders in a workshop to understand the primary business and usability goals.

Scrutinize the Website/App 

Utilizing heuristics evaluation and a design principles framework, our team navigates the customer journey, adheres to brand guidelines, and conducts a thorough review of your website/app as part of the website design audit.

Document Discoveries

We compile an evaluation document detailing the main UX/UI challenges and identifying style, hierarchy, and typography gaps.

Propose Solutions

After a thorough design audit, we offer recommendations, roadmaps, quick wins, and strategic design directions in a comprehensive report.

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