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Discover the magic of UX research with us! As a leading UX research company, we engage in thorough exploration, analysis, testing, and validation of diverse product and business concepts, using cool methods to surpass user expectations. 

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How Kavinu Rocks as a Leading User Research Agency?

As a leading user research agency, we, Kavinu Design Agency, are a mix of experienced researchers who think that a product being easy to use is key. We're here to help you make that happen by giving you practical insights that match what your users want and work with your business goals. People pick us because we're great at giving them smart solutions based on solid data. We're the go-to when it comes to user experience design services, making your products and services even better.

In what ways can UX research make your product better?

Understanding Customer Needs

Our cool tools and methods, like talking to users and testing stuff, help us really get what your customers want. As one of the top UX research company, we excel in crafting products and services your customers will truly love.co


Make what your customers really want! Focus on building the important stuff by putting effort into what they need most.

Boost Satisfaction

Find out how people use your product with our research and make it even better to make customers happy!

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Boost your product sales by giving users exactly what they need. We, as a user research agency, help you provide the info and features that matter the most for higher conversion rates. 

How Do We Do Our UX Research?

Defining UX Research Objectives

We team up with clients to figure out what they want from UX research and find any issues with their product or user experience. That's what makes us stand out among UI UX design services company.

Refining UX Research Process through Documentation

We, UX Research Company, create a well-defined research plan and share it with our team, ensuring that everyone is aligned and has a clear direction for the project.

UX Research Methods

Our team utilizes various research methodologies, including qualitative and/or quantitative approaches, to conduct UX research based on the specific requirements of each project.

Data collection 

The data collected during research is curated and organized to facilitate UX analysis.

Analyzing Data and Identifying Patterns 

Through diverse research methods, we collect data and analyze patterns, gaining insights into user behavior to enhance the product’s user experience.

UX Research Findings Report

We document and share the findings and recommendations from our user experience design services with all project stakeholders. 

Our UX Research Services

At Kavinu, we aim to get your users and figure out how to make your mobile app work for them and your business. We use different ways to study what users need, making us a top-notch user research agency.
UX Research Services

We use these methods to understand what users want, what bothers them, and where we can make the app better. Plus, we check out what other apps are doing to find good ideas. That’s why we stand out among UX research companies.

Our UX research services include:

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